Andrew Rose


Born in Texas and raised in Oklahoma, Andrew started his comedy career in the summer of 2012. He crafts his jokes to mirror the likes of his influences in his life such as Demetri Martin, Jimmy Carr, & Mitch Hedberg. Giving one-liners, and short stories about his life in Oklahoma and the trials and tribulations of a crazy family and dating life of a young 20 – something gives crowds a great experience to tell friends about. His demeanor and boyish good looks hook the crowd in with the thought of southern humor but only to turn heads when he tackles more creative material in the form of puns, plays on words, and rhetorical questions that leave the crowd laughing all night.
Andrew is a local host at the Loony Bin Franchise based in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Kansas. In 2014 he started touring with The World Series of Comedy across the United States, as a host and right hand man to the owner. He currently lives in Oklahoma and is ready to take the comedy bull by the horns so he can finally stop working in kitchens and burning his damned hands.